Amanda's Story...

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was born in the ‘80s. So you know she is Awesome right away.

She never really fit into what normal society expected her to be. She didn’t understand why, but she soon realized that it was much easier to be herself than to try and fit in.

Society told her that she was not meant to succeed. She came from the wrong background, she was a teenager mother who didn’t finish high school, and she was simply not good enough to beat the odds.

Funny thing though…

She never believed that!

She believed that you can be whoever you want to be, no matter what.

“Yes, you might make things harder for yourself but that is never an excuse to give up”.

She completed high school when her eldest son was in kindergarten.

“It was so important to me to set the best example for my boys, that I did whatever it took to be the mum that could say ‘Do as I do, not just do as I say’”

Making the choice to spend as much time with her boys as possible, she had to think outside the box.

She tried just about every work from home scheme out there from horse racing to internet researcher, and so much more.

Some were straight out scams and surprisingly, some worked out quite well. Amanda was an eBay Powerseller a few times in different industries, as well as becoming an International Bestselling Amazon Author.

Amanda found a love for business and marketing during this time, and she discovered that she had a natural ability to sell.

Her first official business, “Honey Beadz Australia”, taught people how to make jewelry. This included selling them all the bits and pieces they needed to create their masterpieces. Amanda also kept up with running a weekly market stall, and held beading parties. She continued riding the beading craze until it fizzled out.  

Then it was time for something new…

Over the next few years, Amanda learned how to build awesome websites, plus she learned the all-important ins and outs of selling online as the industry continued to develop.

Always one to chase her dreams, Amanda decided to write a book amidst her many other projects... Fast forward to today, and not only has she become an International Bestselling Amazon Author 6 times over, but has helped more than 40 clients achieve their dreams of becoming published authors as well.

No matter the success she achieved, there was still something holding Amanda back…

What was it?

It was her weight.

“It was easy when I was selling stuff, but when I wanted to stand out as the authority, I was so ashamed of the way I looked”

What did she do?

She became a Superhero of course.

Amanda was able to hide behind a superhero avatar to show people her abilities. Her confidence grew until the day came when it was time to stop hiding and face the camera!

With a little push, Amanda stepped up and embraced the world of live broadcasting with an internet app called Periscope.

“Little did I know what an amazing impact live broadcasting would have on me”

In 72 days Amanda went from 1 ❤ to 1 million ❤s and the transformation was clear to see.

78 days on Periscope

Being able to finally achieve something that she had spent her whole life battling was life-changing in more ways than one.

“Dropping the weight and finally overcoming the limiting programming I had been running since childhood really ignited my passion to help people”

And then…


Like every interesting story, suddenly BAM! Things turned upside down.

What was so simple and easy to do, suddenly became complicated and full of doubt.

One day in August 2017 Amanda went from taking a gym selfie and feeling very confident about her life, to the next day being in crippling  pain and having her appendix removed 3 days later.

This is where the story should have become pretty boring and straightforward. Six weeks of recovery and then working her way back up to her newfound fitness level.


Two weeks after surgery Amanda went back to the hospital for a week’s stay, in extreme pain again, but this time no one could work out why. Months of tests and many frustrated doctors visits later,  the constant battle with pain left her feeling helpless and hopeless with no solution in sight.

Physically Amanda couldn’t exercise like she wanted to, and the mental and emotional toll kick-started the old bad habits. Her confidence was at an all-time low and the disappointment of not reaching any of her goals grew by the day.

What do you do when you have nothing left to give?

Amanda took a step back from the public eye and kept moving forward the best way she could.

“Life had to be more than goals and results ....because what my mind wanted to do, my body couldn’t. Logically trying to solve the problems was leading to depression and I didn’t have time for that. I had a family to look after and a business to run. There had to be another way to find a sense of calm, control and power in a situation that I felt so helpless in”.

How did Amanda do that?

By viewing life as the adventure it really is!

“Life is not like a textbook with “right” and “wrong” answers. It is an experience that is going to throw up roadblocks, warped plot twists, weird characters, unfathomable tangles, unexpected turns and yes, even happy endings. If we stop judging our lives on the results of our goals and plans and start enjoying the WHOLE adventure with actions and outcomes, the narrative of our world changes instantly”.

Flaws, imperfections, doubts and all, Amanda has set out on a personal mission to help people find a sense of calm, control and power amidst the chaos of their lives.

Through speaking, workshops, retreats and working personally with clients, Amanda and her team can help:

  • Turn decision making into an adventure so that you stop feeling like you are failing to achieve your goals, and start discovering how you can have many more successful missions
  • Teach you the Transformational Journey structure to understand how your story is unfolding, and to control the narrative moving forward.
  • Guide parents to give their children a new way of dealing with challenges and decision making, and to help find a sense of control when they feel powerless.
  • Empower influencers, business owners and leaders to create an adventure experience so they can build stronger relationships, attract a loyal following and sell with authenticity

“We believe everyone deserves to feel worthy and capable of achieving meaningful success!”


Ready to begin the adventure?

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Amanda Robins

Amanda Robins aka Brainstorm is the go-to Creative Strategist who helps people find a sense of calm, control and power in the chaos.

With a unique perspective on how our minds work, understanding the story we are telling the world and pinpointing the little changes we can make that can instantly have an impact, Amanda uses her revolutionary system M.A.P. to turn decision making in an adventure.

Amanda and her team are on a mission to make a difference because We believe everyone deserves to feel worthy and capable of achieving meaningful success!.

Whether it is inspiring personal development through experiencing the ‘life as an adventure’ mindset, teaching parents how to give their children a new way of dealing with challenges by learning new decision-making skills, or working with influencers, business owners and leaders to create adventure experiences; Amanda and her team strive to help you build stronger relationships, attract a loyal following and sell with authenticity.

Happy to openly share her years of adventure and knowledge going from teen mother to successful creative strategist, influencer, marketer, 6-time international best-selling Amazon author, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, loving mother and superhero, Amanda is able to answer questions with the reassurance that the advice given is backed by actual experience.

Life is an adventure full of choices. It is all about actions and outcomes NOT goals and results!

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