Amanda's Story...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was born in the 80s. So you know she is awesome right away.

She never really fit into what normal society expected her to be. She didn’t understand why but she soon realized that it was much easier to be herself than to try and fit in.

Society told her that she was not meant to succeed. She came from the wrong background, she was a teenager mother who didn’t finish high school, she was simply not good enough to beat the odds.

Funny thing though...

She never believed that!

She believed that you can be whoever you wanted to be, no matter what.

“Yes, you might make things harder for yourself but that is never an excuse to give up”.

She completed high school when her eldest son was a kindergarten.

“It was so important to me to set the example for my boys that I did whatever it took to be the mum that could say ‘Do as I do, not just do as I say’”

Making the choice to spend as much time with her boys as possible, she had to think outside the box.

She tried just about every work from home scheme out there from horse racing systems, homemade crafts, data entry, MLM, telemarketing, internet researcher, selling on ebay and so much more.

Some were straight out scams and some worked quite well. Amanda was an ebay powerseller a few times in different industries.

Amanda found a love for business and marketing as well as a natural ability to sell.

Her first official business was teaching people to make jewelry. This included selling all the bits and pieces they needed to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Amanda ran a weekly market stall and beading parties. Amanda rode the beading craze until it fizzled out.  

Time for something new.

Over the next few years she learned how to build websites and the ins & outs of selling online as the industry changed.

Never one to not chase her dream, Amanda wanted to write a book. Fast forward to today and not only has she written these book but she is a 6 time international bestselling Amazon Author.

No matter the success she achieved, there was something holding Amanda back

What was it? Her weight.

“It was easy when I was selling stuff but when I wanted to stand out as the authority, I was so ashamed at the way I looked”

What did she do?

She became a superhero of course.

Amanda was able to hide behind a superhero avatar to show people what she could do. Her confidence in her abilities grew until the day came when it was time to stop hiding and face the camera.

With a little push, Amanda stepped up and embraced the world of live broadcasting with an app called Periscope.

“Little did I know what an amazing impact live broadcasting would have on me”

In 72 day Amanda went from 1 ❤ to 1 million ❤s and the transformation was clear to see.

78 days on Periscope


She was still hiding. Yes that’s right. She was hiding from what she really wanted to do.

Helping people build a business or finding ways for them to market what they have to sell was fun, profitable and rewarding but it never seemed to feel like the “thing” she really wanted to be doing.

So why did Amanda just do what she wanted to do?

Amanda wanted to help people finally win the battle with their weight.

Being big since she was a small child and suffering from a food addiction, this subject had always been is Amanda’s life but she could never quite workout how to succeed in it long term.

That was until she challenged the way she thought about weight loss and her beliefs about why she was the size that she was

But it was more than that…

While  Amanda has made a massive leap in her success by dropping 10 pounds (32 kilos) she is only half way through her journey.

“It has been a long process of discovery and creating a new normal in my life. The weight has come off and stayed off for over two years which is something that never happened before”

While Amanda deep down still wants to hide, the people who have listened to the way she challenges what people think and say about weight loss, dieting, fitness and body image, have not only had their own successes but have encouraged Amanda to share her journey with others.

So ready or not here we go…

Every hero has their own journey and together we are strong.

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Amanda RobinsAmanda Robins aka Brainstorm is a one of a kind hero on a mission to challenge the way you think about weight loss, diets, fitness and body image to make the seemingly impossible, possible!

She’s an idea genie with a unique perspective on how our minds work and what will help us reach our full potential while being our authentic selves.

Amanda has a genuine interest and passion to see people all over the world thrive in all aspects of their life especially when it comes to self acceptance and love.

“Every Hero Has Their Own Journey & Together We Are Stronger!”

Using her experience, stories, intuition and kick-ass listening skills, Amanda has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what questions to ask and just what to say before you even knew you need to hear it.

Being described as an inspiration for leading the way by setting an example with openness and honesty, Amanda is fast becoming someone who people want to hear from daily! As people have said before “She just has this voice and way of talking that makes you feel like everything will be ok”

Happy to openly share her years of knowledge as a former food addict, intuitive creative director, marketer, 5-time international best selling Amazon author, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, loving mother and superhero, Amanda is able answer questions with the reassurance that the advice given is backed by actual experience.

It’s Time To FLY! (Fully Love Yourself). Are you Ready!

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