7 Things You Should Know About Amanda Robins

1. Amanda is a two time International Best Selling Amazon Author. 

With her first two books “How to Turn On a Tired Housewife” and “Quotes for the Tired Housewife” reaching #1 in USA, England, and Canada, Amanda is now set to release her third book “INSTANT Credibility” 

2. Amanda is a loving and overprotective wife and mother. 

“I love being married to my childhood sweetheart and raising our 3 boys. I enjoy being able to be involved in my children’s lives by attending sporting events, reading with their class and being there each day when they get home from school. I only have a small amount of time to watch my children grow before they are adults so I plan my work around my family commitments which is the beauty of running your own business?” 

3. Amanda ONLY works with passionate, energetic and focused clients who are willing to learn and implement. Her clients are on a mission to make a difference in the world and are willing to invest in themselves to do so.


4. Amanda is the Queen of Brainstorming

Using her amazing intuition Amanda is able to truly listen to you and work with you to develop new ideas, strategies and offer a different point of view on what you are doing. 

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

- Napoleon Hill , Author of 'Think and Grow Rich'

5. Amanda has spent over 20 years and $1000s learning then implementing.

“Investing in mentors and information to take me to the next level and then implementing what I have learnt is one of the most important things that I have done in my business career. This is a quality that I wanted to not only teach my children, I wanted to be the example of this in action”

6. Amanda has spent many years learning how to DIY most aspects to running a business and loves to share what she has learnt (sometimes the hard way) with her clients.

“I believe that just about everything can be learnt if you can find the right person to teach you. I enjoy devouring information and then breaking it down into bite size pieces for my clients. Information overwhelm is running wild since the invention of the internet and my mission is to help my clients overcome the overwhelm to increase their confidence, knowledge and skills” 


7. Amanda has the ability as a coach and mentor to break things down into very simple and easy steps for her clients to learn, understand and implement.

“It is important to know how your business runs from the inside out even if you are not doing all the work yourself so you know when you have found someone that can do it better than you.”