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Authentically Thrive Discovery Session

This no cost 30 minute no commitment, obligation free call is designed to not only get a feeling for what it is like to work with me but by the end you with have an awareness of the potential you can create in your business or even just the possibilities turn your ideas into a business.

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Sallyanne Stone

"Amanda has an amazing ability to be able to put what you haven't been able to articulate yourself, into really marketable, useable language and phrases with neat little descriptions using both her creativity and intuitiveness. It really is creative genius.

When I work with Amanda I feel that she really listens well to what I am saying and she has an ability to ignite and bring back that life that passion that's inside.

Amanda is able to use her intuitiveness to look at things with new eyes and help me to get an enormous amount achieved really quickly. She helps to empower me to find my voice and my way of doing things rather than pushing me towards something that I don’t feel comfortable with.

Working with Amanda is an absolute voyage of discovery. Discovering what's unique about yourself, what you have, what is really special about you that you have to offer and how you can articulate and pull together it in a way that actually other people can understand too.

Amanda takes a lot of joy and pride in seeing her clients flourish. She has a real commitment and keenness to see, her clients really thrive. All of which she has demonstrated while working with me for the last few years.

I am overjoyed with how she has helped me and I would recommend that you take the opportunity to work with Amanda."

Sallyanne Stone,