Bust Through The Overwhelm To Create a Thriving Business

Did you know that 1000s of people get an idea for a business every year who never take the next step to make it a reality and of those who do start their business 1 in 3 fail in the first year of operations.

Starting and growing a business can be overwhelming.

There are so many little details and decisions that need your attention. There are 1000s of so-called ‘experts’ trying to sell you the magic bullet to make you rich with their products and programs. You need to create, market, sell, produce, brand, plan, manage, deliver and keep up-to-date records of everything you do.

All of a sudden your dream becomes a nightmare.

  • you can’t turn your mind off from thinking about your business to enjoy your time away from work.
  • you are so bogged down in paperwork that you have lost your passion for why you started the business in the first place.
  • you have started listening too much to what other people think you should do rather than unleashing your creative authentic self.
  • you are overwhelmed with all the little decision you have to make.
  • you feel isolated and alone because you have no one to talk through your ideas with who understands what it is like to run a business.
  • you start second guessing what you are doing because you are afraid to fail.

You are not alone in feeling this way. I have felt exactly like this and so have all my clients.

It does not have to be like that.

Running an authentic thriving business

  • fills you with motivation and enthusiasm to do what is necessary even the mundane paperwork
  • doesn’t feel like work. You can’t believe people are happy to pay you for what you do
  • gives you great satisfaction that you have followed your passion, fulfilled your purpose and made a difference in someone’s life
  • provides you with the means to allow you to achieve what you want in other areas of your life.

There is no better feeling than leaving the stress of the rat race behind and creating a business that you feel excited, proud and confident to go out and share with the world.

The key to smashing through overwhelm and getting the support you need to fast track your thriving business success is having a mentor.

Heather Barker

"Amanda has been a such blessing in my life for the past 7 years. With her sharp ability to patiently explain complicated tasks in simple and easy to understand ways she has helped me to tackle many projects throughout all the years. I am totally amazed, on a regular basis, at the laser precision accuracy of her intuition into what I need to hear to help me move forward and what to focus on exactly, like the forest for the trees kinda thing but more so.  Her ability to quickly research what I need and point me in the right direction I need to take for the next step has been invaluable.

Amanda is the real deal and if you get the chance to have a conversation with her, you will not be disappointed by her total willingness to BE with you, focusing completely with her undivided attention and willingness to provide you with support, advice, information and very firm but caring guidance (butt kicking in my case ouch!)  Besides all this we have had such a hoot of a time with much laughter and light heartedness on many regular occasions :-0  Her wit is palpable and evidence in her How To Turn on a Tired Housewife book, which I thoroughly recommend. Amanda is also very open and responsive to feedback on absolutely everything she does and flexible in her approach, pace and delivery. I could write a book about how much I value her in my life and business."

Heather Barker, Heartwork Retreats

You can now have someone who can listen, teach and empower you to make your dream business a reality.

Just imagine having someone who has been exactly where you are now. Someone who has spend years learning, implementing, testing and teaching people how to use the knowledge and skills they have to make money. Someone who listens and brings out the best in you not just tells you what to do.

This is exactly what you get if you choose to give me the honor to be your mentor.

Jackie Zenere

"My work with Amanda has proved invaluable for my business. As a brand new home based business I had no idea where to begin. Amanda gave me the tools in simple format to streamline and tune my business where needed in order to steamroll ahead.

When Amanda suggested I write a book, I thought she was crazy as I was happy with just getting my business off the ground. However after working with Amanda for the past 4 months it has become a reality with my book now half written. Amanda sees the larger picture and genuinely helps you create an authentic thriving business."

Jackie Zenere, Simple Goodness in Brown's Kitchen

When you choose to work with me you get someone

  • to hold your hand as you venture through the mind field of starting and growing your own business
  • who is able to breakdown complicated tasks into simple and easy to follow steps that seem “doable”
  • to give you access to useful resources such as information, experts and people who can take the ‘hard work’ out of running your business
  • keeps you accountable and on track
  • who wants to see you THRIVE!
Margaret Saunders

"Amanda Robins is fabulous. She has been a friend and a mentor for a long time now. Her passion, her ideas, her insights, her knowledge, her business skills, her generosity and her intuition are all amazing. Look no further. I thoroughly recommend Amanda, your business with thrive beyond all expectations AND you'll have a friend and mentor for life. Just do it. "

Margaret Saunders, Harmonising Energy Coach

Through laser focused mentoring calls in which you will touch base, brainstorm, get your questions answered and make action plans to stay on track together with email support and access to useful resources you will not believe how far you have come by the end of our time together.

To give you the extra boost to succeed and THRIVE you will also receive

Bonus #1~ Custom Mentoring Journal valued @ $97

This journal is custom designed for Amanda’s clients. This journal will allow you to keep track of your ideas and action steps. It helps you to stay organized and gives you a place to write down all your questions and AHAs so you get the most out of each mentoring session.

Bonus #2 – Copy of "I.N.S.T.A.N.T. Credibility" Book valued @ $27

The 7 Step Breakthrough Formula Transforming You From Ordinary to Recognised Industry Authority....... Instantly.

Plus 8 experts share their stories of how these techniques have worked in their business.

Sallyanne Stone

"Amanda has an amazing ability to be able to put what you haven't been able to articulate yourself, into really marketable, useable language and phrases with neat little descriptions using both her creativity and intuitiveness. It really is creative genius.

When I work with Amanda I feel that she really listens well to what I am saying and she has an ability to ignite and bring back that life that passion that's inside.

Amanda is able to use her intuitiveness to look at things with new eyes and help me to get an enormous amount achieved really quickly. She helps to empower me to find my voice and my way of doing things rather than pushing me towards something that I don’t feel comfortable with.

Working with Amanda is an absolute voyage of discovery. Discovering what's unique about yourself, what you have, what is really special about you that you have to offer and how you can articulate and pull together it in a way that actually other people can understand too.

Amanda takes a lot of joy and pride in seeing her clients flourish. She has a real commitment and keenness to see, her clients really thrive. All of which she has demonstrated while working with me for the last few years.

I am overjoyed with how she has helped me and I would recommend that you take the opportunity to work with Amanda."

Sallyanne Stone, SallyanneStone.com.au

There is no better time than now to follow your dream and get started.

I am looking forward to learning more about you and helping you to THRIVE.

Lisa Tassell

"Amanda Robins is a gifted entrepreneur. She was able to in a matter of minutes put together a program name that was exactly what I wanted. She succinctly identified my main ideas into a priceless format that is part of my program. If anyone is stuck at any stage of business development, Amanda is the ideas woman for you. Thanks again Amanda for all your invaluable help."

Lisa Tassell, LisaTassell.com