The Missing Piece

confused woman smallHave you invested in every business course you could get your hands on but find yourself still stuck at the starting line?

You can see how these techniques work but you are struggling to apply them to your business and what you do.

Your copy is good but it could be better and your business is lost in the crowd. You’re great at what you do but you are constantly being compared to inferior competitors because you’re simply not seen as the expert you are.

You know what you want to create but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You have hired web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, business coaches, marketing consultants and many others but your business still doesn’t feel right. It feels like just another clone of every other business in your industry.

There is a just one little piece of the puzzle you’re missing...

You are not alone and let me tell you that it’s not your fault.

Creating a unique brand and presence in the market place can be hard.

We are often too close to our own business so we can’t see the real value we bring to the table or the oomph we can have in the market. We are clouded by self doubt and fear or we simply picked the wrong path.

Does this sound familiar?

Yes! The good news is there is a simple solution!

You need a Creative Director!

What is a Creative Director?

A Creative Director is the person who helps you develop the creative concept behind your business, brand, marketing, products and services.

They help you tap into the essence of your business and help you express this to the world.

They help you put your concept into easy to understand briefs for the people who will bring it to life.

They inspire and support you. They coordinate all the people that make it happen including web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, advertising agencies, VAs, staff members and anyone else necessary to get the job done.

They are the bridge between what you have learnt and they help you implement it with a BANG! 

It may only take ONE!

ONE name

ONE brand

ONE campaign

ONE slogan

ONE concept

Just one little piece can launch a business, make millions and become the go-to solution for people who need what you offer!

Having a business that reflects you, ALL OF YOU, and not someone else’s vision of what they “think” will work is what a great creative director can help you achieve.

Let Me Introduce Myself....

Amanda RobinsMy name is Amanda Robins aka Brainstorm and I am an Intuitive Creative Director or in the Superfy Universe you can call me an Idea Genie.

I have a natural talent for uncovering the words and concepts that you need to make your dreams a reality, and backed by 20 years of marketing and sales experience, you can be reassured that you are in good hands.

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I am here to help you to first find the superhero within you and secondly use your POWER to make a difference in the world!!!

I've had the honor of helping so many amazing people and I would love for you to be the next one....

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Always remember you are EXTRAORDINARY!!!!