How To Turn On A Tired Housewife

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About the Author

Amanda Robins is a wife, mother, business owner and sometimes a tired housewife. Wanting to bring a little laugher to the everyday chores of life, Amanda kicked this off the first book in the Tired Housewife series “How To Turn On A Tired Housewife”

Amanda also empowers women (and enlightened men) to confidently sell using techniques that feel authentic. With clients all over the world achieving incredible results, Amanda is fast becoming the go to trainer, coach and mentor for heartcentered entrepreneurs and companies who are truly sick of the pushy, manipulative sales methods being taught.

Being compared to an artist who can see the sculpture hidden in a block of marble, Amanda has a unique ability to see the full potential of her clients and their businesses.

Amanda is the creator of “The Authentic Sell ™” and an international bestselling Amazon author. Working with only passionate, focused and energetic clients, Amanda is able to teach powerful and customizable simple techniques to boost your sales and grow your profits.

Now is the time for you to connect with your authentic self and THRIVE!

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