Do you love what you do but your brand doesn’t match your awesomeness?

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It’s time to revamp your business and brand to match your personality and brilliance!

Does your business feel out of synch with your core values?

Are you attracting the wrong types of clients?

Are you suffering from “brand shame”?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


You’re not alone.

We have all been there. We started out in business following the “gurus” and “successful” people before us.

We learned about the “best” way to name, brand, package, price and promote our services, only to end up with a business that was OK but never quite felt right.

I know, I have been there. I’ve had several businesses throughout my 15 year entrepreneurial journey. I followed the experts, mimicked what they did, listened to their advice and implemented the systems, tips, tricks and techniques they taught.

While I had some success, it felt just a little bit off.

Have you ever felt like that?

You felt the urge to have your own business. You love what you do and you know you are darn good at it but when you try to put it out in the world, it just doesn’t translate into the real value that you bring.

You attract clients who either can pay you but you just don’t want to work with or you attract people who simply don’t want to pay you because they don’t see the value you offer.

Your brand and your business look the same as every other in your industry and you have to spend hours of your valuable time explaining what you do, what value you deliver, and why you are different - only to have them tell you that it’s not what they’re looking for.

You find yourself pretending to be something you’re not. Your business may be all corporate-looking and you’re trying your best to live up to that image but it is sucking the life out of you.

Or it can go the other way too. Your brand presence looks like a DIY job you did overnight 10 years ago. You hardly look like a professional powerhouse!

Either way, you just know there has to be something better.

There is!

Revamp Your Business!

remakeYou have the core of what makes your business special and unique.

What is it?


You are the heart and soul of your business and whether you know it or not, I know there is something in you that people want.

The problem is that you have created a business based on what you “think” will work but it’s disconnected from your personality and your purpose.

The good news is that all you may need is a revamp.

Just imagine having a business that truly reflects your personality and brilliance!

A business full of catchy and intriguing products and services that attract your ideal clients. No more begging for business!

A business you are proud to promote!

Can you feel how fun and exciting it is to run a business like that?

Yes! Let’s make that feeling real!

Introducing The Revamp Package

Work 1-on-1 with an Intuitive Creative Director. Together you will find the creative concept to a business that will reflect your personality and purpose, and produce profitable products and services.

The Revamp package includes:

brainstorm idea2 x 1 hr Brainstorming Sessions

In these sessions we will dig into what really makes your business special.

What is it you really want to do?

Who do you want to work with?

What excites you and brings happiness into your business?

We will also explore untapped markets (I can go from idea to owning a private jet in one session).

brandTheme Creation

Branding goes far beyond your logo, fonts and colours.

Really successful businesses have a theme to stand out from the crowd.

When you have a theme you can:

*Find the words to sell easily

*Be remembered

*Name your products and services with zing

*Create consistent and effective marketing across everything you do

It is one of the biggest things that has helped my clients really become clear and finally take off.

Plus, wouldn’t my own business be boring if I didn’t have a superhero theme?!

Bio & About Me Page

about youOne of the biggest problems we face to letting the world know how we can help them and why we are the best choice. With a unique and intriguing formula for creating an appealing about me and kick ass bio…Amanda will help you write something that will have your ideal clients chasing you to work with you!

Naming and Word Tweaks

wordsOnce you have a theme and plan, it’s time to make it all come together in an enticing and exciting way.

How? We’ll name everything with OOMPH!

One of my specialities and superpowers is finding awesome and profitable names for your products and services and even your business.

One of my clients referred to me as a “Wordifier” because I am able to package people’s skills and talents into a word or two that is the real essence of what they do.

Also, I go one step further with word tweaks that help bring your theme fully into your copy and sales efforts.

Time to name your products and services that really

You will also receive:

Email Support

happy womanThere will be questions you have in between brainstorming sessions. You will have access to a special VIP email address that will shoot your questions the top of the list.

Superfy Quick Start Guide

If you’re just starting out or revamping, this Guide will help you expand on your ideas and make a plan to move forward and Superfy Your Business FAST!

When you are ready to revamp your business, it’s super easy to get started.

Simply click on the payment button below and you will be on your way to having a business that truly reflects your personality and brilliance.

Yes Amanda! I want to Revamp My Business!

I understand I will receive:

2 x 1 hr Brainstorming Sessions

Theme Creation

Bio & About Me Page

Naming and Word Tweaks

Support and Encouragement

Email Support

Superfy Quick Start Guide

All for the one time investment of $697

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How long does it take?

It depends on how fast you work but the maximum time is 3 weeks.

What makes you different from a business coach?

Good question. I’m glad you asked.

While there are many similarities between what I do and a business coach, the big difference is I dig in and I help you get some of the work done. A coach is there to guide you and give you advice whereas I am here to help you really develop the ideas and concepts. I work very hands on with you and your team. Think of it like a supercharged business coach with extra special marketing abilities.

What if I need more help than this?

We can discuss what you need and find a solution that fits your needs.


Don’t spend another minute in a business that feels wrong.

Revamp Today!


Yes Amanda! I want to Revamp My Business!

I understand I will receive:

2 x 1 hr Brainstorming Sessions

Theme Creation

Bio & About Me Page

Naming and Word Tweaks

Support and Encouragement

Email Support

Superfy Quick Start Guide

All for the one time investment of $697

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