It Is Time To Stop Just Surviving And Spread Your Wings And THRIVE!

The "Master Mind" may be defined as: "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. No individual may have great power without availing himself of the "Master Mind."

- Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich

  • Are you sick of being surrounded by negative people complaining about all the doom and gloom in the world?
  • Do you feel that you are meant to do something ‘great’ to help people’s lives?
  • Are you ready to learn how to create a balance in your life and how to use your talents and knowledge to increase your prosperity?

Sometimes the grind of everyday life can bring you to the brink of insanity. It can be draining just surviving and you feel like you are just going through the motions.

You know there must be a better way to live. A way where you can connect with like minded people who not only look on the positive side of things but who also share and support one another as together you work towards setting yourself up to THRIVE.

Introducing the “Think and Thrive Mastermind”

This is a 12 month mastermind program where you:

  • Have access to 6 high value and useful virtual training programs taught live and recorded throughout the year so you can not only learn at your own pace but you get a chance to implement what you are learning and get your questions answered along the way.
  • Get supported by not only Amanda but by the other members of the Think and Thrive Community. No matter if it is accountability, understanding, brainstorming or even teaming up to create new business ventures, this community is where you want to be.
  • Tap into your authentic self to build your confidence, increase your happiness and start achieving the goals you have always wanted to complete.

“Amanda has this knack of getting to the heart of your business and expressing it in such a captivating way that people are naturally drawn to it. Isn’t that what successful branding is all about? I had the basis for my signature system all nutted out, but Amanda helped me polish it, turning it into one of those rare gems that shines among the brown stones.”

Anthea Frances
Writer & Health Coach at

Here are the programs you will have access to over the next 12 months:

"A.C.T. Now" ~ The 3 steps to creating a thriving mindset to smash through what is stopping your achieving success and stay motivated to reach your full potential.

Discover the 3 step process to developing a mindset where you believe, act and achieve the goals that you set.

It can be hard to set a big goal and have the confidence and courage to follow through on your plans. Sometime thinking positive is simply not enough to keep your focus and motivate. In these 3 simple steps you will learn:

-How to open up to awareness of what is possible

-Build your confidence to create an unstoppable belief that you can succeed

-How to train your mind embrace new opportunities even if you don’t feel ready

And much more

Valued @ $297

"C.O.I.N. Your Signature System"~ How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Leveraged and Memorable Sales Machine.

Discover the 4-step blueprint to take your knowledge and turn it into a leveraged system to sell.

If you are a mountain of knowledge but don’t know where to start to put it into a simple and easy to understand system that people will get and want to learn, this is the perfect for you.

You will learn:

-How to organize your content into easy actionable steps

-How to match your system with your target market

-How to name your system so it becomes catchy and memorable

-How to turn the one system into a presentation, book, program and much more

If you have valuable expertise that you can teach other people or want a way to make your presentations irresistible this is for you

Valued @ $497

“Build An E.M.P.I.R.E.” ~ The 6 part system to turn your passion and expertise into a thriving business.

Discover the 6 ways to leverage your expertise to create multiple streams of income in your business.

There are many ways to create an income from what you know and with this 6 part course you will learn:

-How to get paid for simply helping people solve their problems

-How to do the work once and get paid over and over again

-How to profit from other people’s knowledge and expertise

-How to produce your own incredibly profitable products and services from what you know

And much more

Valued @ $997

“Add a little S.U.G.A.R.” How to sweeten your marketing to effortlessly sell.

Designed to help business owners find what they really offer and create marketing that really attracts their ideal customers and clients.

You will learn:

-The #1 word killing your marketing

-Discover what you are really selling

-Learn how to give to get the sale

and much more

Valued  @ $997

"W.R.I.T.E." ~ The 5 step formula to creating a book to boost your credibility, display your expertise and last through the ages.

Discover the 5 step formula to get your book out of your head and into the world to show you are the expert in your field.

Writing a book can be dream that goes into the too hard pile but it doesn’t have to. You can not only write your very own book but you can create something that people will want to read.

You will learn:

-How to write a practical novel so your book not only educates but entertains

-How to get the experts in your industry to contribute to your book

-How to get your book write without writing a single word

-Where to get your cover designed for just $5

And much more

Valued @ $797

“S.U.C.C.E.E.D. “~ The 6 step formula that empowers you to follow through on what you begin until you succeed.

Discover the 6 step formula to follow through on what you have started until you reach your goals no matter what road blocks you face.

You will learn:

-How to stay focused on the prize even when new shiny things come along

-How to gain an understanding of the ups and downs you may be feeling

-Techniques to conquer your fears so you feel excited for new things to come

-How to find creative solutions to overcome the roadblocks that arise on your journey

and much more

Valued @ $297

That is $3882 worth of high quality training programs!!!

A year from now you could:

  • Have a thriving mindset so you can see opportunities to increase the abundance in your life
  • Have a unique signature system to leverage so you can build a business with creativity and excitement.
  • Build multiple streams of income doing something you love so you can enjoy each and everyday
  • Have an authentic selling system with strategies to attract your ideal clients and customers and effortlessly sell without sounding pushy or salesy
  • Your very own book. The thrill of telling people ‘I wrote a book’ is one you will have to try to believe how exciting it is
  • Have the skills to continue building on your successes no matter what roadblocks stand in your way
  • Have lifelong friendships and connections with other members of this exclusive mastermind
  • And much more

These are just a small insight into what the future can hold for you when you become a member of the Think and Thrive Mastermind.

"Working with Amanda is an absolute voyage of discovery. Discovering what's unique about yourself, what you have, what is really special about you that you have to offer and how you can articulate and pull together it in a way that actually other people can understand too. Amanda takes a lot of joy and pride in seeing her clients flourish. She has a real commitment and keenness to see, her clients really thrive. All of which she has demonstrated while working with me for the last few years. I am overjoyed with how she has helped me and I would recommend that you take the opportunity to work with Amanda."

Sallyanne Stone

But wait there is more…

Bonus #1 – Think and Thrive Community Facebook Group

Being and entrepreneur can be an incredibility lonely experience at times but now you get to be supported and empowered by like minded people just like you. Get you questions answered, tell everyone about your victories or struggles, joint venture partners and share your knowledge to help others in the special closed group only for Think and Thrive Members.


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Bonus #2 – Copy of "I.N.S.T.A.N.T. Credibility" Book

The 7 Step Breakthrough Formula Transforming You From Ordinary to Recognised Industry Authority....... Instantly.

Plus 8 experts share their stories of how these techniques have worked in their business.

Full Details

valued @ 27


Bonus #3 – 12 Month Inner Circle Membership

Sometimes you need a little extra help. You may need your questions personally answered or just need to talk out your ideas so you can gain a full perspective on what you are thinking. You may just want to get a fresh pair of eyes on your work. As a bonus to being a part of the Think and Thrive Mastermind you get access to 12 month of inner circle fortnightly calls so you can get the extra boost you need.

valued @ $997

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Bonus #4 – Thrive Rolodex

Get access to some of the best business building resources available. These are the resources we use to Authentically Thrive.


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"My work with Amanda has proved invaluable for my business. As a brand new home based business I had no idea where to begin. Amanda gave me the tools in simple format to streamline and tune my business where needed in order to steamroll ahead. Amanda sees the larger picture and genuinely helps you create an authentic thriving business."

Jackie Zenere
Simple Goodness in Brown's Kitchen

I want to make sure you begin to THRIVE over the next 12 months so I want to give you a special $2000 fast action bonus. If you choose to make the next year your best by 1st February 2015 , you will NOT pay the regular price of $2997.00 . Your investment will ONLY be $997.

Just imagine what your life will be like a year from now to the support and knowledge you will gain from being part of this very special mastermind.

"Amanda Robins is fabulous. She has been a friend and a mentor for a long time now. Her passion, her ideas, her insights, her knowledge, her business skills, her generosity and her intuition are all amazing. Look no further. I thoroughly recommend Amanda, your business with thrive beyond all expectations AND you'll have a friend and mentor for life. Just do it. "

Margaret Saunders
Harmonising Energy Coach
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take the “Think and Thrive Mastermind” for a test drive for 30 days and discover the magic yourself risk free. You can rest assured that if in the unlikely case that you do not get an amazing amount for value for your investment, simply contact us and I will happily refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.

I look forward to you discovering and connecting with your authentic self and becoming a Thriver.