Amanda is passionate about helping people thrive. One of her favourite ways of doing this is bybusiness man writing business strategy teaching entertaining and educational workshops, which use simple and easy to understand memorable systems.

The best way to learn is by taking action on what is being taught so each workshop includes customised worksheets and examples to create awareness of what is possible when these powerful ideas and techniques are implemented.

Weather it is live or virtual, Amanda would love to work with you to inspire and empower your audience to spread their wings and THRIVE!!

All of Amanda’s Signature Workshops can be customized to suit your audience with real life useful examples to reinforce the lessons being taught. Amanda can also create a workshop to tailor fit your needs upon request.


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"F.L.I.P From Uncomfortable to Confident” ~ How to overcome your love/hate relationship to selling.

This is designed for people who have something great to offer but feel a disconnect when it comes to selling that to be who could benefit from it.
You will
*Discover the top 5 reasons why you feel uncomfortable selling
*Learn how to turn your quarks into profitable qualities
*Uncover your own unique selling voice
and Learn how to sell without being pushy or salesy

“Add a little S.U.G.A.R.” How to sweeten your marketing to effortlessly sell.

Designed to help business owners find what they really offer and create marketing that really attracts their ideal customers and clients.
 You will learn
*The #1 word killing your marketing
*Discover what you are really selling
*Learn how to give to get the sale
and much more…

"I.N.S.T.A.N.T. Credibility"

Discover the 7 step breakthrough formula transforming you from ordinary to recognised industry authority …instantly
You will learn:

*Position you as the recognised authority in your field

*Attract your ideal client and customers

*Leverage the reputation of leaders in your field

*Rise above the competition to stand alone as the expert

*And discover the #1 tool to give you instant credibility

“C.O.I.N. Your Signature System” How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Leveraged and Memorable Sales Machine.

Discover the 4-step blueprint to take your knowledge and turn it into a leveraged system to sell.

You will learn:

*How to organise your content into easy actionable steps

*How to match your system with your target market

*How to name your system so it becomes catchy and memorable

*How to turn the one system into a presentation, book, program and much more

Amanda's Bio

Amanda helps people to name and package their expertise into unique authentic products and services that they feel excited, proud and confident to go out and share with the world even if they don’t feel like an expert.

As a mentor Amanda is passionate about helping her clients thrive by uncovering and creating awareness of the possibilities for them to leverage what they know and do. Together they create a simple plan of action that overcomes the overwhelm of starting, building, marketing and growing a successful business. 01 copy 2

Amanda has a talent for authentically connecting with her clients using stories and truly listening to her clients, which allows for amazing brainstorming of creative solutions tailored to their businesses.

Happy to openly share her years of knowledge as a marketer, international best selling Amazon author, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, coach and speaker, Amanda’s clients are able to get their questions answered with the reassurance that the advice given is backed by experience.

If you are passionate, focused and energetic heartcentred business owner or entrepreneur now is the time for you to connect with your authentic self, spread your wings and THRIVE!